2.0.8 (revision v2.0.8)
OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor
CTC-String Decoding

Compile-Time-Context (CTC) strings are passed to the different API functions. These functions need to parse the string in order to process the encoded information. E.g., for OpenMP the OPARI2 package provides means of doing this, see POMP2_Region_info and ctcString2RegionInfo() in pomp2_region_info.h.

The CTC string is a string in the format "length*key=value*key=value*[key=value]**, for example:


Mandatory keys are:


Optional keys are

The optional values are set to 0 by default, i.e. the presence of the key denotes the presence of the respective clause.

You can use the function ctcString2RegionInfo() to decode CTC strings. It can be found in pomp2_region_info.c and pomp2_region_info.h, installed under <opari-prefix>/share/opari2/devel.